How to compile DCMTK with OpenJpeg

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How to compile DCMTK with OpenJpeg

#1 Post by samnaction » Thu, 2019-11-21, 04:55

Hi, I am new to DCMTK. I am planning to compile DCMTK with OpenJpeg support in windows. I am using latest DCMTK. But I am not seeing DCMTK_WITH_OPENJPEG option in CMAKE. I tried to manually add DCMTK_WITH_OPENJPEG flag in cmake, but still I am not seeing any project referring to openjp2.lib

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Re: How to compile DCMTK with OpenJpeg

#2 Post by J. Riesmeier » Thu, 2019-11-21, 18:02

In fact, there is a CMake option "DCMTK_WITH_OPENJPEG" but this is only shown when the advanced variables are enabled:

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mark_as_advanced(DCMTK_WITH_OPENJPEG) # only needed by DCMJP2K module
However, as the comment shows, this option is currently only used by DCMJP2K.

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