DCMTK's libcharls and CharLS

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DCMTK's libcharls and CharLS

#1 Post by jiapei100 » Sat, 2020-04-04, 08:09

I'm trying to install DCMTK today, and happened to have noticed that DCMTK comes with its own libcharls under folder ${DCMTK_DIR}/dcmjpls/libcharls. However, I've ALREADY installed my own CHARLS downloaded from https://github.com/team-charls/charls, which brings me a conflict.

It looks these 2 packages are NOT the same thing, but with the same name. So, any suggestoins to solve this TWO-PACKAGES-SAME-NAME issue?

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Re: DCMTK's libcharls and CharLS

#2 Post by J. Riesmeier » Thu, 2020-04-16, 09:05

Yes, DCMTK comes with its own (slightly modified) version of the CharLS library. There are plans to optionally make use of some external CharLS implementation (see Feature #344) but this will take some time to be implemented.

Bottom line: DCMTK currently only compiles with the version of libcharls that is shipped with the DCMTK source code package in the "dcmjpls" module (directory).

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