Build problem with libssl 0.9.8

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Build problem with libssl 0.9.8

#1 Post by jsalk » Mon, 2005-10-24, 22:17


this is just to let you know that dcmtk-3.5.3 fails to build with libssl-0.9.8.:

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c++   [...]  -Wall In member function 'OFCondition SiCertificate::read(DcmItem&)': error: invalid conversion from 'Uint8**' to 'const unsigned char**' error:   initializing argument 2 of 'X509* d2i_X509(X509**, const unsigned char**, long int)'
make[3]: *** [sicert.o] Error 1
The problem is that libssl-0.9.8 has constified all (or almost all) d2i, c2i, s2i and r2i functions.

For the time being I have added a quick fix by changing

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x509 = d2i_X509(NULL, &data, cert->getLength());

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x509 = d2i_X509(NULL, (const unsigned char **) &data, cert->getLength());
in dcmsign/libsrc/

Best regards - Juergen

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