DTMTK VC6 compile issue solved

Compilation and installation of DCMTK

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DTMTK VC6 compile issue solved

#1 Post by xinvar » Sat, 2006-02-04, 19:49

Just wanted to share with people about my experience compiling DCMTK libraries and link them with current VC6 projects. I followed all the steps from INSTALL file (change /MT* to /MD* in CMake, disable CXX from the config file, and disable all additional libraries). Compiling was successful but still the compiled libraries would cooperate with my VC6 (with MFC) projects (Error Link 2005).

I read through the FAQ and did a search in the forum. (Not surprisingly) I found other people with the same problem but didn't post (or have) solutions.

Since this "Confilct between MSVCRT and LIBMT" is caused by not setting all libraries and projects to either Multithread DLL/Multithread, then there must be some place that I didn't set it correctly. And since my program has been working for 9 months setting to MD, it must be DCMTK. But how could it be? I used CMake and corrected this.

It turned out CMake (although in the GUI list it did) didn't change MT to MD. I looked through DCMTK VC6 project settings to find this out. So I manually changed all project settings from MT to MD. And now things are working perfectly.

Hope this can be of help for other people. Also if anyone can tell me why CMake didn't work as promised I would appreciate that.

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