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PostPosted: Wed, 2005-01-19, 12:31 
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:?: How can I use findscu for a query with the query/retrieve service?

:!: Here is an example: using findscu to query an image from a query/retrieve SCP using the patient root information model:

findscu -v -P -k 0008,0052="IMAGE" -k 0010,0020="300019" -k 0020,000D="" -k 0020,000E="" -k 0008,0018="" localhost 104

  • -v runs the application in verbose mode
  • -P specifies to use the patient root information model
  • -k 0008,0052="IMAGE" tells the application that you are querying on image level (i.e. for an image)
  • -k 0010,0020="300019" is the patient ID of the patient in question (unique key on patient level)
  • -k 0020,000D="" is the study instance uid of the study in question (unique key on study level)
  • -k 0020,000E="" is the series instance uid of the series in question (unique key on series level)
  • -k 0008,0018="" is the sop instance uid of the image in question (unique key on image level)
  • localhost is the machine the query/retrieve SCP is running on
  • 104 is the port the query/retrieve SCP is listening to.
Note that when you are querying on a certain query level (attribute 0008,0052 set to either PATIENT, STUDY, SERIES or IMAGE), you have to specify all unique keys of levels which are above this level; e.g. on image level, you have to specify a patient id, a study instance uid and a series instance uid to denote the patient/study/series you are referring to, and of course you have to finally provide a sop instance uid to specify the image you are looking for.

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