FAQ #6: How to compile the data dictionary (dicom.dic) into the binaries?

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FAQ #6: How to compile the data dictionary (dicom.dic) into the binaries?

#1 Post by Marco Eichelberg » Thu, 2004-11-04, 18:12

:?: All of the programs load a data dictionary from the text file "/usr/local/dicom/lib/dicom.dic" before they can do anything. The overhead for this flexibility is very high. I want my programs to start much faster.

:!: You can use a built-in in data dictionary instead. The code for this already exists (dcmtk/dcmdata/libsrc/dcdictzz.cc) and can be regenerated at any time by (see the dcmdata Makefile: dcmtk/dcmdata/libsrc/Makefile.in). You can even have the best of both worlds and have the main data dictionary built-in with additions loaded from text files (via the DCMDICTPATH environment variable). See the documentation file "dcmtk/dcmdata/doc/datadict.txt" for more details about using DICOM data dictionaries. The example Visual C++ project makefiles for the Windows platform already use the built-in data dictionary code.

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