FAQ #17: Network communication fails, "Unknown Tag & Data" error message

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FAQ #17: Network communication fails, "Unknown Tag & Data" error message

#1 Post by Jörg Riesmeier » Fri, 2004-11-05, 11:50

:?: I have successfully installed DCMTK on a Unix system, however, all DICOM network communication fails with strange error messages, for example:
Echo [1], echoscu: Failed:
800a2 DIMSE: Command Build Failed: dimcmd:addUS: Cannot add Uint16:
Element: (0000,0100) Unknown Tag & Data

:!: When the DCMTK network tools complain about unknown (0000,xxxx) tags, the reason is most likely a problem with the DCMDICTPATH environment variable, which probably points to an existing structure in the file system (e.g. to a directory) but not to the DICOM data dictionary file itself.

DCMDICTPATH needs to point to the data dictionary file, not to a directory, e.g. use "setenv DCMDICTPATH /my_dicom_directory/lib/dicom.dic" See the documentation file "dcmtk/dcmdata/doc/datadict.txt" for more details about using DICOM data dictionaries.

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