FAQ #1: All DCMTK tools crash as soon as they are started [gcc]

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FAQ #1: All DCMTK tools crash as soon as they are started [gcc]

#1 Post by Marco Eichelberg » Tue, 2004-11-02, 17:54

:?: None of the programs do anything, they all crash as soon as they get started!

:!: We have received reports of configuration problems relating to a GNU C++ library libiostream.a. This library was part of older (pre 2.7 ??) releases and is incompatible with newer versions of the GNU C++ library. It seems that when installing a newer version of the GNU C++ library the old "libiostream.a" library does not get removed. If our configuration scripts find this library then it will be used.

The problem manifests itself by causing any compiled program to immediately crash as soon as it tries to do any C++ streams based I/O.

A workaround is to remove or rename the libiostream.a library. Alternatively, you can edit the file "dcmtk/config/Makefile.def" after install Step 1 (running the configure script) and remove any reference to "libiostream.a".

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