FAQ #50: How can I contribute to DCMTK?

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FAQ #50: How can I contribute to DCMTK?

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Contributing to DCMTK
DCMTK is an open source project. As such, we are always open to suggestions, ideas for improvement and concrete contributions to DCMTK.

Please email these to info/at/dcmtk/dot/org

(There are many ways to contribute to open source projects, see: https://opensource.guide/how-to-contribute/)

For CODE or DOCUMENTATION contributions:

If you want to contribute code to DCMTK software, or help us improve the software documentation, please follow these instructions:
  • Checkout the latest version of DCMTK

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    git clone https://git.dcmtk.org/dcmtk LOCALFOLDER
    • if you already did, please still make sure that your git is up-to-date by running (while inside the directory):

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      git pull
  • Make/insert your changes.
  • Create a patch

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    git format-patch origin/master
    (this will create a .patch file on the directory where you cloned dcmtk)
  • email the patch to info/at/dcmtk/dot/org.
  • In your email, don't forget to mention WHAT you did, HOW you did it and most importantly WHY.
  • Pull requests on GitHub are not (yet) monitored, but you could also send us an email with the link to the pull request

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