DicomScope and DCMTK GSPS.setFlip()

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DicomScope and DCMTK GSPS.setFlip()

#1 Post by LarsKlitgaard » Tue, 2010-06-29, 08:15

When applying flip to a greyscale softcopy presentation state with the method state.setFlip(), the flip-tag DCM_ImageHorizontalFlip is set accordingly, but the coordinate system in the SPS set is also changed, so top left hand corner
(0070,0052) becomes (Xmax, 1) and bottom right hand corner (0070,0053) becomes (1, ymax).
I am not sure if this is intended, but it seems DicomScope does not handle it correctly (image disappears). What is = correct ? DCMTK or DicomScope ?

I have a similar problem with the state.setRotation() method.

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