Annotation data not converted to Image(PIXEL) coordinates

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Annotation data not converted to Image(PIXEL) coordinates

#1 Post by nvenkat » Wed, 2010-08-04, 23:48

I am using DICOMScope 3.6.0

I did the following:-

1. Sent an Image(512x512) image to DicomScope
2. UNCHECKED "Image Relative"
3. Zoomed portion of the image
4. Created two LINE annotation on the image
5. Saved the GSPS to Database (While saving GSPS1 UNCHECKED "Set Display Area to Image size")

In the generated GSPS :
My Display area is set to wherever it was zoomed.
I could see two POLYLINE annotations with "Graphic Annotation Units" 0070,0005 set to "DISPLAY".

6. Reopened the generated GSPS in DicomScope viewer. Everything looked good and as expected.No problem till here.
7. Now checked the "Image Relative" checkbox to create the annotation in Image PIXEL coordinates
8. Created LINE annotation
9. Saved the GSPS to database (While saving GSPS2 CHECKED "Set Display Area to Image size")
10. Reopened the GSPS2 which contains now three annotations(two LINE annotation in DISPLAY and one in PIXEL)
11. Display Area was set to entire image
12. The old two LINE annotation created in GSPS1 were in DISPLAY units. However the annotations are now displayed in the different body part.

Do I miss anything in the process of creation or this is a defect in the product?
Should the DIPLAY area related annotation needs to be converted into Image PIXEL coordinates when we saved GSPS2.

Please clarify.

Also annotations marked in DISPLAY units are not moved when we scroll the images. Is this a limitation of the product.

Thanks in advance

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