Which interface?

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Which interface?

#1 Post by JustSomeGuy » Tue, 2015-09-01, 14:55

I'm not sure how to specify which ethernet interface / ip address will be used to form an out going association with storescu.
If my host computer has more than one IP address and my pacs expects my aet to be on a specific ip address.. how do I tell storescu which ethernet interface to use?

Michael Onken
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Re: Which interface?

#2 Post by Michael Onken » Wed, 2015-09-09, 21:31


storescu and other DCMTK client tools use the connect() system call in order to connect to a server.

From what I know, the underlying operating system then takes over and decides which interface to use for the TCP request. This can usually be influenced by configuring appropriate "metrics", i.e. priorities, for the particular network interfaces. See here for Windows and here some Unix (Ubuntu) information. Taking this as a starting point, Google should reveal more about the topic.


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