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convert to raw

#1 Post by JustSomeGuy » Mon, 2019-04-22, 18:54

I want to use dcmdump to take a set of dicom part10 files and strip off the meta data and leave just the raw pixel data.
I see that there is a +W option for the command line tool.. I just can't get it to produce any raw files.


Michael Onken
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Re: convert to raw

#2 Post by Michael Onken » Tue, 2019-04-23, 05:37


what kind of problem pops up?

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dcmdump +W . yourfile.dcm
should do the trick. It will produce yourfile.dcm.0.raw (and potentially more files if more raw data is contained) in the directory provided to the +W option (here: current directory ".").

You can post these kind of questions to General DCMTK Forum topic, since the question directly relates to DCMTK.

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