Additional customized codec added into DCMTK

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Additional customized codec added into DCMTK

#1 Post by Roger_MDC » Fri, 2012-02-24, 04:14

Hi OFFIS DCMTK fellows and forum members:

Our company is thinking about adding customize protocol that perform the following JPIP-like streaming capability:

On-the-fly compression/decompression support. To be explicit, the ability to display part (This might be JPEG's case) or sketch (This might be JP2K's case) of the image while receiving.

We're also considering get licensing DCMJP2K, because Progressive JPEG already retired in DICOM, and when considering progressive encode/decode support, JPEG2000 codec should be an essential part even without JPIP support. Is there any DCMJP2K experienced member can comment on this? Some advice or suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Currently our engineers are trying to digging from the following modules:

1. JPEG part: dcmcjpeg and dcmdjpeg. This part is a reserve plan under the condition that DCMJP2K might not fully cover our needs.

2. Package (part of the image that received through transmission) part: So far we're reviewing DcmInputBufferStream, DcmDataset to DcmElement, and DIMSE command implementation. Please comment if additional review might involved, much thanks.

Any advice or comment will be appreciated, and sorry if brought up and old questions.

Best regards, Roger.

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