longitudinal DICOM SR wilh linked Slices

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longitudinal DICOM SR wilh linked Slices

#1 Post by mustafa.pacs » Fri, 2015-03-13, 03:45

Dear All;

In my agenda, there is a topic that is all about monitoring consecutive SR file content and their linked slices (image data)

I am able to download publicly available data sets from many forums, however never see a longitudinal SR files and their linked slices together. Most probably this is my bad.

Except for www.dcmtk.net , in this website SR files and images are not for successive studies but from miscellaneous studies.
In that sense, if you know of any, or whenever you come up with; would you mind suggesting me a publicly available data set source where I can find SR reports with their linked slices?
Thank you very much

Best Regards


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