DCMTK 3.6.6 available for public release

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DCMTK 3.6.6 available for public release

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Version 3.6.6 of the OFFIS DCMTK (DICOM ToolKit) software is now available for
public release. This release includes the following main changes over the
previous version 3.6.5:

- DCMTK 3.6.6 builds correctly on older and up-to-date versions of GNU gcc
(4.2.1 to 10.2.0) Clang (3.4.2 to 11.0.0), Apple Clang 11.0.0,
Microsoft Visual Studio (2008 to 2019) and SunPro CC (5.14 and 5.15).

- Tested with the following operating systems/environments:
- Android on arm64
- Cygwin on x86_64
- FreeBSD on x86_64
- Linux on x86_64 and x86
- MacOS X on x86_64
- NetBSD on x86_64
- OpenBSD on x86_64
- OpenIndiana on x86
- Solaris on x86
- Windows (including MinGW and Cygwin) on x86_64 and x86

For a complete list of tested systems and compilers, see the INSTALL file.

- Updated data dictionary, SOP classes, well-known frame of references,
transfer syntaxes, code definitions and supported context group classes for
DICOM standard release 2020e.

- Added new DCMTK module dcmect, which facilitates creation, loading, (partly)
modification and storing Enhanced CT objects:

- Also included is a general Concatenation API that allows for creating and
re-assembling Concatenations from given DICOM datasets. Right now, only
uncompressed ("unencapsulated") pixel data is supported.

- The existing Segmentation API (dcmseg) as well as the new Enhanced CT API
(dcmect) both support writing and reading Concatenations via dedicated

- Thanks to GE Aviation for sponsoring this feature.

- Major revision of JSON export tool (dcm2json), which should now be fully
standard compliant.

- Major revision of the dcmsign module, which now supports Elliptic Curve
(ECDSA) signatures, the DICOM SR RSA Digital Signature Profile, and CRLs in
hashed certificate directories. During signature verification the chain of
trust for the signer certificates are now fully checked and there is limited
support for the creation and verification of trusted timestamps.

- Added support for the Rendition Selection Document IOD, which has been
introduced with Supplement 202 (Real-Time Video), to the dcmsr module.

- Added support for the new Waveform Storage SOP Classes that have been
introduced with Supplement 217 (Neurophysiology Waveforms) to the DICOMDIR
generation code and to the dcmsr module.

- Added support for the new 2nd generation RT Storage SOP Classes that have
been introduced with Supplement 175, 176 and 199, as well as for the new
Encapsulated OBJ and MTL Storage SOP Classes (Supplement 208) to the
DICOMDIR generation code.

- Added TLS support to the DcmSCP and DcmSCPPool classes and to the dcmrecv
command line tool.

- Updated and completely revised DIMSE Status Code definitions. Now, the
definitions and also the log output are consistent with the current edition
of the DICOM standard.

- Significant performance enhancements for code that gets an item from or
inserts an item into a sequence with a large number of items.

- DCMTK now successfully compiles when UNICODE/_UNICODE is defined on Windows.

- When compiling on Windows, new CMake options can now be used to control the
Win32 build model (multi-threaded or multi-threaded DLL).

- Fixed various issues that occurred after the official 3.6.5 release.
See CHANGES file for details.

Many people have contributed to this new release of DCMTK, appearing here in
alphabetical order. Thank you very much for your support!

Michel Amat (GitHub user "amatm")
Bartosz Bialoskorski
Jesper Bojesen
Marcel Claus
Jake Cobb
Martin Czarnowski
Matthias Gierlings
Niklas Johansson (GitHub user "Raphexion")
Andreas Keizers
Peter Klotz
Damien Lerat
Mathieu Malaterre
Robert Mulcahey
Maria Nedyak
Steve Pieper
Sergey Razuvaev
Markus Sabin
Maria Samoylova
Adrian Schmidt-Foehre
Waldo Valenzuela

DCMTK forum users "CStarkey", "JustSomeGuy", "Shaeto", and "ruben.cruz"
GitHub user "iboB"

Members of the DCMTK Team who have worked on this release are:

Pedro Arizpe Gomez
Marco Eichelberg
Michael Onken
Joerg Riesmeier
Jan Schlamelcher

The DCMTK software can be downloaded via:

https://dicom.offis.de/dcmtk or https://www.dcmtk.org/

OFFIS e.V., Oldenburg, Germany, 2021-01-14

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