movescu works but no images are stored

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movescu works but no images are stored

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I would be grateful if someone could please shed some light on this issue for me please. The following movescu succeed but no images are stored in c:\test folder - similar command works for other dicom nodes:

movescu -v -S -k 0008,0052=STUDY -aet CARDIAC1 -aec NNUH_QR_SCP 105 -k 0020,000D= -od c:\test --port 104

I: Requesting Association
I: Association Accepted (Max Send PDV: 64222)
I: Sending Move Request (MsgID 1)
I: Request Identifiers:
I: # Dicom-Data-Set
I: # Used TransferSyntax: Little Endian Explicit
I: (0008,0052) CS [STUDY] # 6, 1 QueryRetrieveLevel
I: (0020,000d) UI [] # 58, 1 StudyInstanceUID
I: Received Final Move Response (Success)
I: Releasing Association

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Re: movescu works but no images are stored

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either CARDIAC1 is not configured in the PACS to your IP address/port, or the selected study does not have any images. Use --debug option and post check/post the details of the C-MOVE response.

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