MPR reconstruction of ultrasound data in Dicom viewers

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MPR reconstruction of ultrasound data in Dicom viewers

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I have a question about the 3D Ultrasound Solutions in Dicom ( ... _PP.3.html)
Are you aware of Dicom Viewers that support the Multi-Planar Reconstruction of an Enhanced US Volume SOP Class?
In the standard it is written that “The 3D Volume Data sets represented by the Enhanced Ultrasound IOD are suitable for Multi-Planar Reconstruction (MPR) and 3D rendering operations” but I have the impression that most Dicom Viewer only support the MPR reconstruction for CT and MR images.
I used for testing an example dataset from this website: and RadiAnt Dicom Viewer doesn’t display any MPR reconstruction.
Also the iQ-VIEW/PRO from Conquest says that the format Dicom 3D is not fully supported and the MPR views are not displayed, even if the volume seems to be compounded.
Since our use-case is that the users should be able to visualize the ultrasound data with tracking as MPR views, I am wondering if using the Enhanced US Volume could be the solution.
Thank you for your answer!

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Re: MPR reconstruction of ultrasound data in Dicom viewers

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Siemens has a product for 3D US breast analysis (sUSBA).
See here for a more recent approach.


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