Print SCP support and value of status when function failed

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Print SCP support and value of status when function failed

#1 Post by guy » Wed, 2005-02-09, 16:15

I would like to know the better solution to implement a general PRINTSCU which can test all parameters (supported or no) by the PRINTSCP so that the user can write easily the configuration file of any Print SCP.

Indeed, we want to implement the Dicom Print Management SCU in our product but without knowing anything about the Dicom Print SCP, so what's the better solution for testing all of these parameters ?

If I understand well the DCMTK, parameters :
-ImplicitOnly, DisableNewVRS, PresentationLUTMatchRequired, PresentationLUTPreferSCPRendering, Supports12Bits are always tested before implementing them in the communication.

Concerning now attributes like Mindensity, if the SCP doesn't support it, the N-CREATE of the Basic Film Box will Fail, and if I test it

status = response.msg.NCreateRSP.DimseStatus

returns me a status equals to 261.

How do I know what 261 refers to?
I would like to print at the screen as a MessageBox why the N-CREATE has failed.

For example : - mindensity not supported by the print SCP
- Trim not supported by the SCP...

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