A question about dicom's tomorrow?

Questions regarding the DCMRT library, a DCMTK add-on that implements support for the various DICOM Radiation Therapy (RT) IODs

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A question about dicom's tomorrow?

#1 Post by mpx1983 » Wed, 2010-05-12, 06:44

first say: i am pool in english,hope you can know what i say.

I worked in a pacs company 3 yeas. work on image process first year.after then to today . i always work on pacs server.our pacs server use dcmtk build.
and i just do some little things .but i want to do some new and useful things about dicom.

then I find DcmRT,but in our country---China,i am not see any information and software about it .can you tell me which area will DcmRT use ,how about of DcmRT's tomorrow?

thank you very much.

Jörg Riesmeier
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#2 Post by Jörg Riesmeier » Wed, 2010-05-26, 10:31

As you can read in the announcement of this sub-forum, DCMRT is an extension of the OFFIS DICOM Toolkit (DCMTK) that is not yet part of the public distribution, but will be available in a couple of weeks. The module adds dedicated support for the various DICOM Radiation Therapy (RT) IODs like RT Dose, RT Image, RT Plan and RT Structure Set.

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