Testing DICOM functionality with MESA servers

Questions regarding the "Consistent Presentation of Images" test suite in the IHE MESA toolkit

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Testing DICOM functionality with MESA servers

#1 Post by sukumarvg »

Hi all

We are having the modality with dicom support. we intend to participate in DIOCM Connectathon. so as part of this we are going to test our DICOM implemntation with MESA server applications.

we are able to test the functionalty when server is running. in case of sever has down for period of time, at the moment server turns on we have to re submit the jobs that are done when server is down. for testing this case server should be keep waiting to perform the operations invoked by SCU.

how can we make MESA sever applications to support this?
is it possible by writing scripts?
Thanks in advance

Michael Onken
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#2 Post by Michael Onken »

Dear sukumarvg,

this forum only offers a discussion platform around the Presentation State related CPI tests in MESA because they were implemented by OFFIS some time ago. However, we cannot give any advice here for other tests.

I am sorry that I cannot point you to a proper forum -- but it seems that there are various newsgroups around IHE, including some regarding Connectathon.


Jörg Riesmeier
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#3 Post by Jörg Riesmeier »

Here's the link to the IHE discussion forums ...

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