DIMSE Read PDV failed - network error ?

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DIMSE Read PDV failed - network error ?

#1 Post by nicolas_dicom » Tue, 2012-04-10, 14:57


We are having an issue with some images which are send from another DCMTK storescu command.

We have checked the the network and it is ok.
Could you please explain next error ?
What does "DIMSE Read PDV failed" mean ?

2.6.32-25-server #45-Ubuntu SMP Sat Oct 16 20:06:58 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux

DCMTK storescu v3.5.4 2005-12-20

Code: Select all

Store SCP Failed:
ERROR - dcmqrdb  - 0006:020c DIMSE Read PDV failed
ERROR - dcmqrdb  - 0006:0310 DUL network closed
INFO - dcmqrdb  - Store SCP: Deleting Image File: %s/mnt/datos/DCMMALARGUECR_4f8438a15bce2a87.dcm
ERROR - dcmqrdb  - DIMSE Failure (aborting association):
ERROR - dcmqrdb  - 0006:020c [color=red]DIMSE Read PDV failed[/color]
ERROR - dcmqrdb  - 0006:0310 DUL network closed

Thanks in advance !


Uli Schlachter
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#2 Post by Uli Schlachter » Wed, 2012-04-11, 08:08

If I understand the code directly, this means:

The TCP connection was closed by the other end without doing a proper DUL association release and before storescu was done. This is the "DUL network closed" error.
This was noticed by DIMSE while trying to read a protocol data value. This is where the "DIMSE Read PDV failed" comes from. Thus, this second error is just a result of the first one.

The second set of error messages would then occur when storescu tries to do a proper association release, which fails for the same reasons in the same way (although I wonder why writing the release request PDU didn't produce any errors).

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