DCM4CHEE could not process some kind of HL7 messages?

Questions regarding the "Consistent Presentation of Images" test suite in the IHE MESA toolkit

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DCM4CHEE could not process some kind of HL7 messages?

#1 Post by leafjungle »

The content of "\mesa\mesa_tests\rad\msgs\order\131\131.104.o01.hl7" is:

PID|||583070^^^ADT1||BLACK^CHARLES||19780214|M||WH|16 ARUNDEL PL^^ST. LOUIS^MO^63105|||||||131-001|||||||||||||||||||||
OBR|1|A131Z^MESA_ORDPLC||P1^Procedure 1^ERL_MESA|||||||||xxx||Radiology^^^^R|7101^ESTRADA^JAIME^P^^DR|||||||||||1^once^^^^S|||WALK|Stupid Project Manager||||||||||A|||

And now I am trying to send it to the DCM4CHEE server:
java -jar hl7snd.jar mllp://SERVER_IP:2575 131.104.o01.hl7

The result is:
could not create entity:com.mysql.jbdc.exceptions.MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: Column 'req_proc_id' cannot be null

So, the DCM4CHEE server can not process this kind of hl7 messages?

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Re: DCM4CHEE could not process some kind of HL7 messages?

#2 Post by J. Riesmeier »

I guess you are in the wrong forum. This one is about the IHE Integration Profile "Consistent Presentation of Images" (CPI), which has nothing to do with HL7 or DCM4CHEE.

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