dsr2xml and GE CT scanners: realtionshiptype error

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dsr2xml and GE CT scanners: realtionshiptype error

#1 Post by LarryAtBIDMC » Thu, 2014-11-20, 19:38

I need some guidance on how to best handle an error. I have exactly the same problem as post #3935 (“dsr2xml doesn't work with GE vivid e SR file”). I am using dsr2xml with several GE CT scanners (e.g. Discovery CT750).

W: RelationshipType (0040,a010) absent in content item (type 1)
W: Reading unknown/unsupported RelationshipType
W: ValueType (0040,a040) absent in content item (type 1)
E: Reading content item "1.18.1" (Tag not found)
E: Reading content item CODE "1.18" (Tag not found)
F: dsr2html: error (Tag not found) parsing file: CT04.dcm

1) Dsr2xml seems to process the entire file, 1.18 is the last section. I am unable to determine where the fault condition actually occurs. Is there a way to do this?
2) dcm2xml yields no errors. While dsr2xml produces a simpler, more compact XML than dcm2xml are there other important things that it is doing that dcm2xml is not? And thus are there reasons that I should not use dcm2xml instead?
3) There is no way that GE will upgrade its dose data output. Any other suggestions for dealing with my problem?

Many thanks in advance,

J. Riesmeier
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Re: dsr2xml and GE CT scanners: realtionshiptype error

#2 Post by J. Riesmeier » Tue, 2014-11-25, 12:07

Re. 1) The error message clearly specifies the content item that causes the error. You could also use the --debug option to see more details.

Re. 2) The tool dcm2xml does not know anything about DICOM SR objects, and since the error is with the SR encoding (and not with the lower level DICOM encoding) this tool does not show any errors.

Re. 3) The GE SR documents violate the DICOM standard, so they definitely SHOULD fix this problem!

Anyway, I've added new error handling options to the dsr2xml tool just recently, i.e. using the latest DCMTK snapshot you could use one (or multiple) of these:

Code: Select all

error handling:

  -Er  --unknown-relationship
         accept unknown/missing relationship type

  -Ev  --invalid-item-value
         accept invalid content item value
         (e.g. violation of VR or VM definition)

  -Ec  --ignore-constraints
         ignore relationship content constraints

  -Ee  --ignore-item-errors
         do not abort on content item errors, just warn
         (e.g. missing value type specific attributes)

  -Ei  --skip-invalid-items
         skip invalid content items (including sub-tree)

  -Dv  --disable-vr-checker
         disable check for VR-conformant string values

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