FrameTimeVector contains negative values

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FrameTimeVector contains negative values

#1 Post by nikkoara » Mon, 2015-03-30, 15:21

I have encountered a frame time vector that contains negative values, e.g.:

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<element tag="0018,1065" vr="DS" vm="16" len="108" name="FrameTimeVector">0\67.447\-22.482\22.482\44.964\44.965\22.482\44.964\22.482\44.965\22.482\44.964\22.483\44.964\22.482\44.965</element>
I don't see in the standard any explicit forbidding of negative deltas so it must be correct. My interpretation is that frame 0 is at (all times are offset from beginning) 0ms, frame 1 is at 67.447ms, then frame 2 is at ~45ms, frame 3 is again at 67.447, etc. IOW I believe that the negative offset can reorder frames. Is my understanding correct? What do you think?


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