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DCMTK 3.6.7 available for public release

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Version 3.6.7 of the OFFIS DCMTK (DICOM toolkit) software is now available for
public release. This release includes the following main changes over the
previous version 3.6.6:

- DCMTK 3.6.7 builds correctly on older and up-to-date versions of GNU gcc
(4.8.5 to 10.2.0) Clang (3.4.2 to 13.0.0), Apple Clang 11.0.0, and Microsoft
Visual Studio (2010 to 2022).

- Tested with the following operating systems/environments:
- Android on arm64
- Cygwin on x86_64
- FreeBSD on x86_64
- Linux on x86_64 and x86
- MacOS X on x86_64
- NetBSD on x86_64
- OpenBSD on x86_64
- OpenIndiana on x86
- Windows (including MinGW and Cygwin) on x86_64 and x86

For a complete list of tested systems and compilers, see the INSTALL file.

- Updated data dictionary, SOP classes, well-known frame of references,
transfer syntaxes [*], code definitions, supported context group classes,
and directory record types for DICOM standard release 2022b.

[*] Support for the Encapsulated Uncompressed Explicit VR Little Endian
Transfer Syntax (introduced with CP-2083) is still missing.

- Added support for creating multi-frame images and instances of the Ophthalmic
Photography SOP Classes to img2dcm. This tool now also allows for importing
a DICOM dataset from XML file.

- Added typical error handling options to xml2dcm, i.e. as known from other
tools such as dump2dcm.

- All command line tools that read or write DICOM files now support reading
DICOM files/datasets from stdin and writing DICOM files/datasets to stdout.
Support of stdin and stdout is also available for the underlying classes.

- All command line tools now output more build options with --version.

- Further enhanced DICOM Structured Reporting (SR) module "dcmsr":

- Added the Enhanced X-Ray Radiation Dose SR IOD / SOP Class introduced with
Supplement 214 to the list of known (but not yet supported) document types
in the dcmsr module. Full support for this IOD and SOP Class will follow
in a future release, as this requires the new Value Type "TABLE".

- Added support for the optional attributes Patient's Size and Patient's
Weight from the Patient Study Module.

- Added support for Context Group CID 247 "Laterality Left-Right Only".

- Implemented support for CP-2023, CP-2053 and CP-2084, i.e. changes to the
IOD-specific Relationship Content Constraints and regarding missing numeric
measurement value.

- Also implemented support for CP-1789 and CP-1998 to the submodule "cmr".
Both CPs relax requirements for the presence of content items or included
templates in TID 1500 "Measurement Report".

- Moved xml2dcm functionality into a class to facilitate its use in programs.
This also means that dcmdata now depends on libxml2 (if support enabled).

- Modified DicomImage's rendering of overlay planes for multi-frame images
by implementing support for CP-1974 "Overlay usage with Multi-frame Image

- Fixed issue in module "dcmseg" that caused the maximum number of frames in
segmentation objects to be limited to 65,535.

- Implemented various changes to the module "dcmtls":

- Added functions for offline certificate verification.

- Added support for intermediate CAs and CRLs.

- Explicitly set a 32-bit random number as TLS session ID and disable TLS
session caching in OpenSSL.

- Changed the default security profile from the BCP 195 TLS profile to the
Non-downgrading BCP 195 TLS Profile.

- Revised error handling: Replaced the DcmTransportLayerStatus enumeration
by proper OFCondition error codes.

- Improved support of the OpenSSL library:

- Added support for OpenSSL 3.0.x.

- Introduced a set of new configure tests for the various functions, header
files and macros that have changed between different OpenSSL versions and
require special handling in DCMTK. This approach replaces the conditional
compilation based on version numbers.

- Introduced a new advanced CMake variable that allows for adding a custom
postfix to all file names of all libraries that change their ABI when
linking against OpenSSL.

- Harmonized the configure options for using DICOM data dictionaries, both
the built-in and external ones.

- CMake-related enhancements and other changes:

- Added CMake option that helps with the generation of binary executables
that run on different distributions.

- Introduced a CMake option for static linking.

- Added support for the PkgConfig package.

- Enhanced support for cross-compiling.

- Changed minimum required CMake version to 3.0.0.

- Enabled various compiler warnings by default.

- Removed macro USE_STD_CXX_INCLUDES which allowed to include old C headers
instead of using their respective counterpart coming with C++.

- Fixed various issues that occurred after the official 3.6.6 release.
See CHANGES file for details.

Many people have contributed to this new release of DCMTK, appearing here in
alphabetical order. Thank you very much for your support!

Jinsheng Ba
Sharon Brizinov
Daniel Calvo
Tai Chi Minh Ralph Eastwood
Matthias Gierlings
Daniel Grieger
Helmut Grohne
Igor Kostyukov
W. Adam Koszek
Jason Lambert
Par Lidberg
Mathieu Malaterre
Abdallah Maouche
Gilles Mevel
Jasper den Otter
Alex Reinking
Claus Stovgaard
Waldo Valenzuela
Christian Wetzel

DCMTK forum users "alciregi", "alciregi", "Shaeto", "st80rules",
"upnorth173", "wrenashe"

GitHub users "gsmethells", "kayarre", "malaterre", "Staars"

Members of the DCMTK Team who have worked on this release are:

Marco Eichelberg
Michael Onken
Joerg Riesmeier
Jan Schlamelcher

Student associates:

Marcel Baumann
Nikolas Goldhammer

The DCMTK software can be downloaded via:

https://dicom.offis.de/dcmtk or https://www.dcmtk.org/

OFFIS e.V., Oldenburg, Germany, 2022-04-22
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