storescp --rename-on-eostudy usage

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storescp --rename-on-eostudy usage

#1 Post by psau » Sat, 2005-10-29, 11:15

Which is the exact syntax to use with the -rns option of sctorescp?
Thanks beforehand and best regards
Pablo Sau
Pablo Sau

Thomas Wilkens
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#2 Post by Thomas Wilkens » Mon, 2005-10-31, 07:39

Excerpt from in dcmnet/docs (see this file for more information):

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Option \e --rename-on-eostudy refers to the above mentioned option
\e --sort-conc-studies and can only be used in combination with this
option. If a user specifies option \e --rename-on-eostudy and storescp
determines that all DICOM objects that belong to a certain study have
been received, all DICOM files that belong to the last study will be
renamed in the corresponding output directory. The filenames into which
the files are being renamed will be calculated using the pattern

  [prefix][consecutive numbering]

where [prefix] is a 2 character prefix that reveals the kind of DICOM object
stored in the file and [consecutive numbering] is a consecutively numbered,
6-digit number, starting at "000001".  In general, the question if all DICOM
objects that belong to one study have been received by \b storescp will be
answered positively if and only if two consecutively received DICOM objects
d_n and d_n+1 do not show the same values in attribute Study Instance UID; in
such a case, d_n+1 is considered to belong to a new study.

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