possible memory leak in dulfsm

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possible memory leak in dulfsm

#1 Post by Shaeto »

in dulfsm.cc a lot of network functions ending like this:

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    if (cond.good())
        do {
          nbytes = (*association)->connection ? (*association)->connection->write((char*)b, size_t(pdu.length + 6)) : 0;
        } while (nbytes == -1 && OFStandard::getLastNetworkErrorCode().value() == DCMNET_EINTR);
        if ((unsigned long) nbytes != pdu.length + 6)
          OFString msg = "TCP I/O Error (";
          msg += OFStandard::getLastNetworkErrorCode().message();
          msg += ") occurred in routine: sendAssociationRJTCP";
          return makeDcmnetCondition(DULC_TCPIOERROR, OF_error, msg.c_str());
    if (b != buffer) free(b);
    return cond;
may be i am wrong but it looks like possible leak of b

Michael Onken
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Re: possible memory leak in dulfsm

#2 Post by Michael Onken »


you are right, this doesn't look good. I created an issue on the issue tracker.

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