Sending an IOCM DICOM object

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Anibal Jodorcovsky
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Sending an IOCM DICOM object

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Hi all,

I need to be able to instruct a VNA to "delete" a study. This is with Fuji (TeraMedica).

They tell me that they can take an IOCM object. I have no experience at all about IOCM, but my understanding is that this is a KO DICOM object that contains certain DICOM tags that will instruct the receiver to take action.

I'd like to create the IOCM file starting with a text file. I have used dump2dcm in the past to create a .wl file for DMWL services. Has anybody created an IOCM object starting from a text file to be able to send to an archive manager?



Michael Onken
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Re: Sending an IOCM DICOM object

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first of all: your understanding is correct.

It should be possible to create such a file using dump2dcm. If you can get hands on a Key Object Selection (KOS) file then you could use dcmdump and use that as a starting point.

Googling I can see that here at the Weasis page there is a such a KOS file. Changes to make IOCM out of it should not be too hard. However, you would have to read the specs for that. Maybe you can even find a specialized IOCM KOS file online.

Note that IOCM is something that IHE invented (not DICOM), so you might find something if you search in the IHE context. Here is the IOCM specification, btw., it's inside the Radiology Technical Framework, which is build, of course, on top of DICOM for IOCM.

BR Michael

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