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storescp forking

#1 Post by Tsunamis »

I get an error on a specific computer but not on any other when using forking option :
This error appears on all computers but do not seems to make transfer crash on all but one :
TCP initilization error : No error, getSockName failed on socket 2044.

I know that :
- Without fork : all happens correctly
- With fork : Child process is created and the process fails in DUL_ReceiveAssociationRQ

The machine that crashes is not a development computer but a test one. So I've got no development environment deployed on. Maybe crash could come from a missing dll?

[EDIT] :
By pushing a bit investigation I found out this error is sent when calling getSockName
Socket operation on nonsocket.
An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket. Either the socket handle parameter did not reference a valid socket, or for select, a member of an fd_set was not valid.

So I have to think that global file descriptor providing socket is wrong for a reason or another...

If that can be of any help...

could this error provide from a access denied to socket?

I tried to recompile DCMTK after having brought changes suggested in the thread "storescp --fork option on win2K" (DUPLICATE_SAME_PROCESS etc...) But that didn't solve my problem.

please help me
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#2 Post by Admin »

Hi Tsu,

I'm not an expert in socket handling etc. Some time ago I had a difficult-to-find-error regarding sockets when testing, that occured only then and then. At the end, the firewall had to be unloaded completely to fix it. So if this only happens on one machine, try to disable your firewall or virus scanner for a test run. Perhaps this already helps ...


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#3 Post by Tsunamis »

I uninstallable a VPN client from the machine and now it perfectly works!
Even shutting down the client was not enough, only uninstallation made it work.

Sorry for false problem storescp works great!
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