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Anonymize UIDs

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we anonymize our studies for Research/Science - Tasks with dcmodify.exe.
We will also anonymize the UIDs of the studies. Which is the right way to this do this as a batch-Job?

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Re: Anonymize UIDs

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Study, Series and SOP Instance UID can be replaced by newly generated UIDs using these options:

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  unique identifier:
    -gst  --gen-stud-uid         generate new Study Instance UID
    -gse  --gen-ser-uid          generate new Series Instance UID
    -gin  --gen-inst-uid         generate new SOP Instance UID
However, other UIDs, e.g within sequences (e.g. references), other tags, private data (you should remote private data anyway unless you know it's safe) cannot replaced by dcmodify in an automated fashion.

Also, if you replace UIDs, you usually have to do it consistently within all the files in a study and/or series, i.e. the UID for the Study must be the same for all files in the Study. This cannot be done with dcmodify either (it does not "cache" all replaced UIDs).

A good anonymization tool (as far as I know, did not try it) is CTP, another one that I would check is David Clunie's DicomCleaner.

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